Too Close to the End

The last week has gone by SO quickly. I can’t believe I only have just over three weeks left in SA! There are definitely some things I won’t miss though. Like my house running out of WiFi on the 19th of the month, so I always have to pay for an internet café now (again! except that every morning we get just a little…). Or the catcalls. Or running out of electricity in the middle of the day. Or running out of airtime (cell phone minutes) in the middle of an important call. Or the blatant racism (which exists in the US too! But to a lesser degree. Or maybe a less obvious degree). Or being dependent on other people to get where you’re going in certain places or certain times of day. I miss being able to walk around by myself! (Note: I still can, during the day, in most areas…but not all areas and not at night. Sigh).

BUT for everything I won’t miss, there are about 378320102932 things I will miss. For instance:

  1. The beaches. Oh my goodness I love Cape Town beaches. This past week alone, I went to, um, a few….Camps Bay, Clifton, Muizenberg, St. James, and Kalk Bay. To be fair, the last three were all in one day. It was a lovely walk between them! And Kalk Bay was more shopping than beach. Also, I am paying for it very dearly in sunburns.
  2. The mountains and hills. I may have complained about Bo-Kaap’s hills when I was running on them, but they offer gorgeous views and nice exercise. I’ve loved all my hikes and walks this semester. Also, Table Mountain? Have you seen it? If not, look at my Facebook where I have approx. 784878978971 photos of it. On Saturday, we hiked Signal Hill…it wasn’t much of a hike, but it offered gorgeous views.
  3. The people I’ve met. There are a lot of not-so-great people here—kind of like in everywhere. Crime is high, gender violence is super high, violence in general is through the roof, and I already mentioned all of those awful catcalls (side note, if you want to feel terrified, get catcalled by an ENTIRE train at 5 PM on a Thursday…a train so packed that people are literally falling out the door). However, I have been fortunate enough to meet the best people in the world here. All four of my homestay families have been so incredible. My housemates now are the coolest people ever. Most people you meet on the street or in shops or wherever are really nice too. Everyone has an opinion on what I consider the important things (society! Politics!) and everyone wants to share and also make sure you learn.
  4. Public transportation. It’s hectic here. You have three options: cabs (RIDICULOUSLY expensive relative to everything else, although super cheap when you convert it to USD, but I still never take them), taxis (minibuses), and trains. My favorite is the minibus. They’re hectic and slow sometimes, but they’re cheap, and some drivers bump good music. The craziness of them is half the fun, anyways. People constantly hopping on and off, passing money around, moving seats…it’s wild. I hate the train (bad memories!) but it’s nice for longer journeys. It’s more predictable, too, so I try to take a train when I need to be somewhere fast.
  5. Going out. Kapa has a lot of cool scenes. Now, I stayed true to myself this semester and didn’t go out TOO much (not very CMC of me), mostly because it was often a hassle to get places,  but I’ve liked everywhere I’ve been, from the beach, to house parties and jazz clubs in Obs, to this kinda crazy street called Long Street. Every place has a cool vibe, and there’s something fun every night…
  6. Markets. Oh goodness do I love markets. I try to visit as many as possible as frequently as possible. The classic one is the Old Biscuit Mill, but there were also a few good ones in Stellie, and I’m hoping to see one in Hout Bay this weekend. I may visit one in Kalk Bay, too…These markets aren’t farmer’s markets, exactly. They sell food, sure, but through restaurants that set up carts. They also sell clothes, the best jewelry I’ve ever seen, and home décor stuff. I literally want to buy it all and just decorate my future home in Cape Town designs. There’s also Green Market, which is where you buy the stuff that everyone thinks is all they sell in Africa (hint, it isn’t. Also, Africa is a biiiig continent): carved animals, gorgeous beaded necklaces, cool fabrics, etc.

I could go on, BUT you get the gist. Going home will be a lot of bitter mixed with a little bit of sweet…kind of like a fat cake with raspberry jam. The good news is, I still have 16 days of ISP and 8 days after that to enjoy myself! Albeit it, I need to do some SERIOUS work on my independent study project…

As a side note, Thanksgiving is Thursday. It will be super weird to celebrate abroad…you can barely find turkey in Cape Town, and honestly, I care much less about the food than the family-time aspect of it. My parents are going to Indiana, where they will meet my new cousins, and I am super jealous. Maybe not that they’re going to Indiana, but everyone knows how obsessed with my cousins I am…and I have to wait another month to meet them? Boo.


Oh well, I guess we’ll have to celebrate Thanksgiving in our own way this year!


Week of Freedom Numero Uno

I can already tell I’m going to love ISP time. Even while keeping myself busy with work, I’m still finding so much time to relax and enjoy myself! I feel like I’m finally seeing the city I’ve technically been in for two months and I’m loving it (with two exceptions: it’s not quite safe, and I miss DC/NY/Boston public transportation)!


Let’s see, what have I done…


Well Wednesday was my birthday! And the election! And Obama won! So it was the best birthday ever! Exclamation points galore!!!! But really, Obama winning was the best 21st birthday present a girl could ask for…and spending it in Cape Town was a close second. The girl I’m living with and I went to the V&A Waterfront in the morning. The Waterfront is essentially a beautiful area on the water (obviously). It has a mall, an aquarium, a craft barn, a clock tower, another mall, another mall, restaurants, boats, more boats, another craft barn, a scratch patch, and more. On Wednesday we really only went to the mall and then wandered outside. It was beautifuuuuul outside. After the Waterfront, we went to the Frat House—aka the house with 12 people from our program currently living in it—for a little fiesta. It was, of course, a blast.

Thursday was also wonderful. I just kind of hung around in the morning, and in the afternoon I went to see some old friends from the last time I was here! It amazes me how much the kids have grown. Not all of them remembered me—some were about 2 years old the last time I was here—but it was still nice to catch up and see how things have changed. Their new home is awesome. It’s a beautiful space. I’m looking forward to going back this week.

Friday I had my first interview for my ISP! I think it went well—she was so nice and helpful. It was nice to see someone who totally gets the 5Cs too (I feel like even if you’ve heard of them, you don’t totally get them…). Sadly, afterwards, I got a bit sick—a bug was going around our program—and I stayed in bed until Sunday morning. No me gusta.

Sunday was absolutely lovely. I woke up and the girl I’m living with and I went to the Waterfront again. She was meeting her host mother, and I really, really wanted to see the aquarium. It was so cool! I thought the ATL aquarium would spoil me, but it hasn’t. Every aquarium is awesome, and this one had a ton of cool information. As I was leaving V&A, I saw the scratch patch—I hadn’t noticed it before—so I went in, because if I was going to act like a 5 year old all morning (why yes I was the only non-parent-or-child in the aquarium), I was going to act like a 5 year old all morning. It was also pretty awesome, because who doesn’t love getting 10 beautiful minerals for R15 (less than $2)? After I finished at V&A, I went to meet some girls on the beach. The weather was not so great when I got there, but it cleared up, and I got a lot of ISP reading done.