Thanksgiving Abroad

So I’m super impressed with the people on my program right now. We decided that all 24 of us would have Thanksgiving together, at the frat house (the house where 12 people are currently living!). I think most of us made something, and we had a pretty impressive amount of food–about 6 pies plus various other desserts, two turkeys, sweet potatoes (which aren’t orange here??), cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc etc. A lot of people put a lot of effort into what they did (like the girls who had to mash pumpkins because they don’t sell it right here) because, as I’ve said 37120391290 times, a lot of things are just sliiiiightly different here.


Like I said, I’m super impressed with the SIT family. The food was delicious, and we all went into a food coma afterwards…it was definitely not as awesome as Thanksgiving in the States would have been, but it surpassed my expectations by an absolutely INCREDIBLE amount. That said, my parents are sending me photos of all of my cousins including THE BABY at Thanksgiving near my grandparents’…now I’m super jealous, and I kinda wish I were there.


OH well, I am still so in awe of our cooking abilities, abilities to feed 30ish people (we invited some SIT staff too), and the fact that while I missed my family more than I thought possible, I still enjoyed myself!


Happy Thanksgiving (because it still is Turkey Day in most of the States, even though I’ve already gone to sleep and woken up?!)