It’s A Small World/VOTE

Sooo it’s ISP time! Today, we moved into our new home and started our research (or rather, pretended to). I’m living in this awesome, artsy suburb of Cape Town in a house with 4 other people–one from the program, 3 from the area. The three seem pretty cool, although the house was disgusting when we walked in this morning. They had a party last night and I have no idea what they cooked, but it was everywhere. Either way, the area is awesome…young people and students, jazz bars, comedy clubs, etc etc. Super awesome.

It’s election day, so of course I’m freaking out…when I wake up tomorrow (aka my 21st birthday) I will know who the new President is! Yikes. This will either be the best or worst birthday present of all time… As a side note, everyone in SA seems to be for Obama. And everyone cares. Honestly, I think more people in SA care than in America…everyone has an opinion! After all, as woman said, the President of the US affects most countries.

Speaking of the President affecting most countries, I’m doing my ISP on PEPFAR, the US’s global AIDS relief program, and today I received an email from the Western Cape (the province Cape Town is in) about meeting up. She also mentioned she went to a Claremont College for undergrad. Between that and running into a girl I met over the summer last week…it’s a small freakin’ world. I am across the world, 10 hours ahead of the CA time zone, 7 hours ahead of the US…and people from Claremont or my summer are popping out of the woodwork? Yho.


Anyways, now it’s time for my voting plee…vote vote vote vote vote! No matter what you believe or who you’re voting for or how strongly your state leans, VOTE. Be happy you can and be happy there’s real competition (no matter how petty that competition may be). You may not care if you affect politics, but they’ll still affect you, so VOTE. On EVERYTHING you understand. Your state may be red as a rose but some ballot measures etc may be contentious. The same goes for blue states…and my goodness if you are in a swing state and don’t vote, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?





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