Stellie: Tours, Braai, Rugby and Markets

Stellenbosch has a lot of wine, brandy, braai and markets. So much, in fact, that I did a wine tour, a brandy tour, and went to two markets this weekend. I also had braai Friday-Monday, and watched my first rugby match! The markets were incredible. I got a few gifts for family (and myself) and a bunch of delicious food. One market happens every Saturday. The other only happens five days out of the year.


The wine tour was only okay. The wines we tasted were not so great, and it was rainy so our tour was more of a lesson.


Rugby was AWESOME. I really enjoyed the game. We had been on a plane with the winning team just a few weeks ago. In the last 5 minutes, the Western Province Stormers gained the lead, lost it, then managed to win. Pretty exciting stuff. We were in a really awesome house too, so we played some pool afterwards. It was really fun, actually.


The brandy tour was quite…interesting. We had been thinking that we were going on a wine tour…it was 10 AM. Quite interesting. The process of distilling brandy is REALLY cool though. You distill it twice, and its made from wine.


Sadly, I don’t have time to go into more details…but now we’ve left Stellenbosch and we’re going camping for a few nights. More updates to come soon!


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