Thriller & Languages


Yesterday, I went to a workshop that combined the Thriller dance and cha cha. Oh my goodness, how I missed random campus events! I was able to meet some people, dance around, and learn a creepy dance. I still am always surprised when people are excited about my accent—to me it just isn’t that exciting! Everyone was very friendly, and I was invited to their end of the year party in about a week…too bad I won’t be in Stellenbosch anymore. Oh well, I have some new dance moves to break out on Halloween (get excited, SIT!).


Tuesday, we went to the Taal (Afrikaans for “language”) monument, which is, obviously, a monument dedicated to the Afrikaans language. It was pretty informative. The monument is essentially a giant phallic symbol. There’s one huge horn-like structure, to represent both Afrikaans and the front of a ship. In front of it are a few little horns, to represent the European languages that influenced Afrikaans. Dutch is the biggest, and English the smallest. You can walk inside the Afrikaans horn. The top of it’s peak it open, to symbolize that it is still growing. On the other side are three teensy-tiny semi-spheres. They represent the African languages that influenced Afrikaans: the language of the Khoi San, Xhosa, and Zulu. These structures were not near as impressive as the European language structures. Finally, the structure has a womb-like structure to represent the mother country, South Africa. The symbolism was actually quite impressive. The structure itself reminds me of the library at Georgetown that is supposed to be a modern interpretation of the most beautiful building, Healy Hall, but is really just a hideous slab of stone. It is clearly a relic of the ‘70s. The monument wasn’t necessarily ugly, but it definitely had the same ‘70s vibe.


Friday, we’re going on a wine tour! Then who knows what’s going on this weekend? All I know so far is that I am back in a college town, and I am very excited to see what goes on!


PS A lot of people here walk around shoeless…


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