Cooking in Kapa

Everything here is just different enough for it to be an experience. For instance, Wednesday night I decided to cook my family dinner. Now, I am not a cook by any means. I went through a phase in middle school where I cooked almost every weekend, but then I stopped until this summer, when I pretty lived off of pasta, eggs, baked chicken nuggets, and food from the Foggy Bottom Roti. It’s been years since I’ve cooked for anyone but myself, and when I did cook for my family, my mom was always there to help with figuring out portions and such. I’ve never cooked for more than three people. So, I obviously decided to play it safe. I decided to cook pasta, with a cheese sauce I’d never made before (but cheese sauces are so easy), and my baked chicken nuggets, which I do love. I went to the local grocery store and bought all of the ingredients—and hot cross buns for dessert—including “cut” chicken, which I assumed meant boneless, since I couldn’t find a single package that proclaimed it’s breasts had been deboned. When I took out the chicken to cook, however, it had bones. Now let me tell you, I am awful at deboning chickens. So, I changed my plans and put shredded chicken on top. I simply shredded it first (because really, how do you even cook a chicken with bones? How long does it take?), rolled it in eggs, breadcrumbs, and seasoning like I do my nuggets, and cooked it. Then I made the pasta and sauce, threw the chicken on top, and served! You know, it wasn’t half bad, I think. The family seemed to like it. Apparently my mama, who didn’t eat with us, had it for lunch and then asked for it again for dinner! I’m still skeptical about my cooking abilities, but at least I didn’t poison them. Like I said, I had never cooked for so many people, so there was a ton left over too. Tonight, (I’m writing this on Thursday), it looks like my sisi is using it in what she’s cooking! I probably should have put some hot sauce in it though. Everything is better with hot sauce. PS I’m breaking up Wednesday and Thursday into several blog posts because just TOO MUCH HAPPENED.


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