Meat, Meat, Meat and the Sea

Sunday and Monday were absolutely lovely. Sunday was actually nasty—when I got back to Langa, it was pouring, so I laid in bed and watched reruns of what few shows I have downloaded on my computer—but to be honest, it was kind of nice to just veg out and watch HIMYM. Also, Sunday I had tripe for the first time (the last few days had a serious meat theme going on).


Monday was a national holiday, so I had NO SCHOOL. I woke up and did some homework, but then my sisi and her friend took me to Mzolis. It was quite the experience. You see, Mzoli’s is a famous braai place in Gugulethu. Braai is what South Africans say is barbeque, but it’s more like grilled meat drowned in delicious sauce, not the southern kind of BBQ. Gugulethu is another township. The place was absolutely bustling—it was overflowing, and someone told us it wasn’t even completely full. My sisi knows the owner, so we didn’t have to wait in line for long (although, in the 10 or so minutes we were there, I managed to get asked out by a guy older than my Dad…and his 15 year old son was there, ew). We struggled to find a seat, so we talked to some more of my sisi’s friends for a while. This guy was in a motorbiking club, which is pretty neat. After we found a seat, I went to the back to wait for our braai. The room was steamy and smelled delicious. I was handed our heaps of meat, and I took it back out to our table. While I ate, I was able to watch people from all over Cape Town eat, dance, and sing together. It had such a fun atmosphere.  I even met a guy from Durban who knew about the Claremont Colleges! They played a great mix of music, too, from American top 40 to local songs. I also saw a sign that Soil, a really good group from around here that my younger sisi showed me, is having a show on Nov. 2. I’ll have to look into it as a potential pre-birthday celebration! Anyways, after I was full to bursting with ribs, pork chops, and sausage, we left Gugs—or so I thought. Really we went to another braai place. This one was nameless and less famous, and sold chicken. We didn’t eat it yet, thankfully. I thought I was going to pop already!


Instead, we traveled to Sea Point and took a long stroll along the coastline. Sea Point is one of the really ritzy areas of Cape Town, and the views were beautiful. It seems to be the one place around where you can’t see Table Mountain, but you can see other hills. The water is gorgeous, too. My sisi and her friend started to talk business, so I let the sound of their Xhosa and the waves roll over me while I zoned out. It was just so nice! I hadn’t really had alone, contemplative time since leaving the States. It was exactly what I needed (even though I wasn’t technically alone).


After the rollercoaster that was Saturday, Sunday and Monday were just perfect, I think.


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